Almost 60 per cent IT organisations around the world are unprepared for the digital disruption business that will be up for grabs over next two years, said a new study by Gartner, Inc. on Wednesday.

The study, which looked at 948 clients across 30 countries, surveyed IT professionals representing many job categories and technology disciplines.

IT professionals indicate that their investment priorities, infrastructure changes, skills development and business-IT interactions are in flux, and that they are unsure how their IT organisation will make it through any digital transformation,” said John Hagerty, Vice President and Distinguished analyst at Gartner. “For some, change is coming too fast. For others, it’s not coming fast enough. Many know they need to change, to think and act differently, but they struggle with these shifts. Many find it hard to balance today’s demands – including simply keeping their organisation running – with tomorrow’s must-haves.


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